What do You Support?

 Posted:  August 24, 2014


The photo above was taken in an Albuquerque parking lot prior to a political meeting. The pickup has been seen driving around town and is an example of good ole American individualism at work. Someone doesn’t like what is going on and is making sure people know. No laws are being broken. The license plate number has been blurred to protect the identity of the owner. One can’t be too careful in these days of SWAT teams, NSA, the IRS, and FEMA camps.

“I support the Constitution, limited government and a balanced budget. Is that so Radical?”

Actually, these are all radical ideas.

For thousands of years we had rule by elites who taxed as they chose, raised taxes to support the armies that kept them in power, and used the power of their rule to intimidate citizens, take away our desire to have a say in what happens to us, our ability to pursue our own interests in our communities free from their nanny hands.

These are all radical ideas, the idea of a Constitutional Republic where people elect representatives who are supposed to represent them, the idea that government cannot do whatever they want, and that accountability is essential to a civil society.

What is really radical is that voters keep sending people to represent them that take away their individual freedoms by their disregard for the Constitution, create a bloated and unaccountable state that squanders resources and grabs for power and money, and spends money that your children will have to pay.

That, as they say, is the REAL SCANDAL.

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