What Exactly is Tom Udall’s Position on the Border?

 Posted:  October 8 2014

The article linked below describes questing by John McCain of a Department of Homeland Security Official about border security.

Last week we did a posting of several reporters and investigative journalists posing as terrorists coming across the Mexican border dressed as “terrorists”. They were unaccosted by security forces.

John McCain makes the point, also made on this Website, that any terrorist could cross the border and would not be detained, just as the reporters were not detained.

What is frightening about this interview was the official of the Homeland Security Department saying that security is not an issue but not being able to answer where the security was that should have stopped two men dressed as Mid East terrorists coming from Mexico into Texas.

Thousands cross our borders daily so we believe it entirely possible that people intent on doing us harm could cross easily and already have.

Don’t you?

We raise our hand and wait till Tom Udall finishes about water issues, campaign finance, and helping the labs. We think our security is an important issue and we have heard nothing about it in Tom Udall’s ads.

We won’t because Tom Udall doesn’t care about border security any more than he cares about jobs or the national debt or the rich getting richer.

Tom Udall talks only about a few selected issues chosen by his advisers. And then he talks as if we haven’t studied his votes and their consequences.

Wrong Tom!!! You are wrong, as usual, but just not able to admit your errors in judgement.

Full article here >>>.

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