What Part of Not Working Don’t You Understand? Some New Mexico Stats

 Posted:  June 4, 2014

  1. Unemployment in New Mexico UP
  2. Disability Claims in New Mexico UP
  3. Food-stamps Claims in New Mexico UP
  4. Private Sector in New Mexico DOWN
  5. New Mexicans working for Government UP
  6. State Land ownership DOWN
  7. Population Growth of NM DOWN
  8. Percent People on Medicaid UP
  9. Education Test Scores DOWN
  10. Cost Electricity UP
  11. Teen Pregnancy UP
  12. Access to Medical Care DOWN
  13. Cost of Gasoline UP
  14. Police State Activity UP
  15. Ability to buy home DOWN
  16. High School Dropouts UP
  17. Gang Activity UP
  18. Broken Families UP
  19. Illegal Immigration UP
  20. Cost of Education UP
  21. Wait to see Medical Specialist UP
  22. Small Bank lending DOWN
  23. Job Availability DOWN
  24. Water DOWN
  25. Forest Fires UP
  26. Poverty in NM UP
  27. People on Social Security Disability UP
  28. Child poverty UP
  29. Taxes UP
  30. College Grads leaving NM UP
  31. Single Mother families UP
  32. Fathers paying child support DOWN
  33. DWI Convictions DOWN
  34. Driver’s with no insurance, license, registration UP
  35. Abortions UP

This is only a partial list. It doesn’t paint a good picture of New Mexico. Tom Udall has been in Congress almost twenty years and made a lot of votes for policies that have contributed to these stats. Look at him closely. Don’t listen to what he says. He will say anything. Look at his votes and decide if they have helped or hurt. Holding our Congressmen and women accountable is the best thing we can do for them, and for us.

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