What Part of Re-Distribution of Wealth do You Like Most?

 Posted:  July 8, 2014

There is little fact that redistribution of wealth happens every day in the U.S. There is little dispute that politicians and political parties engage in redistribution of wealth every day. There is little argument that people in the cart are getting more and people pulling the cart are getting less.

The real question seems to be what is happening to the middle class that provides most of the labor and talent to build the U.S. Redistribution, by both Republicans and Democrats, involve tweaking the government system whereby the poor and the rich get their spoils. Both Democrats and Republicans help the rich and the poor. There are plenty of subsidies and free rides in our system. Progressive taxation is a redistribution idea that came to us from Communism and has taken hold of the American consciousness.

The real question is how much re-distribution of wealth are you prepared to pay for? Check out the fact that those who work see half of their wages go to finance the various levels of government. National Tax Day this year went all the way into May which meant that you worked for the government half a year before you could keep what you earned.

Read up on re-distribution. Tom Udall firmly believes in a progressive income tax. Tom Udall believes in all kinds of taxes and firmly believes that wealth you make should be shared with other individuals, other communities, other cities, other states, and even other countries around the world.

There is not going to be a rolling back of the idea of re-distribution. The debate now is only going to be about how much of what you earn are you going to keep and what are you going to get out of it? Re-distribution is here to stay. All we are arguing about now is percentages – how much of what you built do you as an individual get to keep and how much do you have to give back to the group?

What you are comfortable with usually tells whether you vote for or against Tom Udall.

We are comfortable with a 20% gross receipts tax on all products and/or services provided in the U.S. No income tax, no state income tax, no progressive tax on income or businesses.

The Federal government deserves no more than 20%. They can use this to help those who can’t help themselves. The rest of us need to be working to help ourselves.

To achieve Tom Udall’s vision, you are going to be taxed at sixty to seventy percent of what you make, just like Europe.

Re-distribution of income is nothing new. What is new is that there will be more of it with the huge social programs that the U.S. has created for its citizens. Someone pays for it, and that somebody is probably you.

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