What Tom Udall Says About His Vote and Our Questions

 Posted:  September 20, 2014

The linked new piece below is Tom Udall’s discussion of his vote on training and arming Syrian rebels to fight other rebels in Iraq and Syria.

Tom Udall is all too willing to vote to get us into another war in the Mideast. He votes for a bill that gives weapons to groups in Iraq and Syria that are fighting ISIS and he will most likely vote to give Obama authority to drop bombs in the Middle East. These are acts of war and should be discussed BEFORE giving the Executive Branch authority they don’t have. To vote for war and then cushion your vote with a few statements about being worried about getting us in a conflict and wondering if Congress should be consulted is pathetic.

Tom Udall is all too willing to vote for an end to discussion about whether the government should control its spending. It is like a household that postpones discussions about spending until the bank repossesses the house. At what time, in our history, is the right time to do the right thing and pass the right legislation to say that we are not going to spend money we don’t have?

Tom Udall is all too willing to give more money to the Department of Veterans Affairs after giving them the money they were using to pay bonuses to Vet EXECS who met service quotas. Why does he always equate solving problems with giving money?

Tom Udall is all too willing to support the Export Import Bank which is just a featherbed for big U.S. companies who like to get cheap loans at taxpayer expenses for their business plans.

Tom Udall is all too willing NOT TO TAKE RISKS.

We don’t like risks either, but the proper vote on this bill was “no”.

If you want to talk about the Syrian rebels deal with them in one bill. If you want to talk about the government shutdown (mysteriously absent in the news) deal with them in one bill.

Tom Udall continues the hocus pocus, continues to make incomprehensible votes with a lot of excuses afterwards, and caveats to the New Mexico voters.

This Congress is no longer a legislative body. It is just a body of actors and actresses who pass bills to cover their political bases, shore up their votes, keep from taking risks and being held accountable, and giving the impression that they are solving problems that were caused by their shortsightedness in the first place.

Tom Udall voted “yes” on this horrendous charade so we don’t want to hear his excuses.

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