What Tourism in New Mexico From Wilderness Land Grabs?

 Posted:  October 7, 2014

There has been a lot of grandstanding by Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich about all the tourism and economic development that will come from their scooping up of half a million acres of New Mexico land and turning it into a wilderness. In fact, both men have made public statements about tourism as a main reason for confiscating the land for the Feds.

The linked article below by a former Park Ranger for the National Park Service and a researcher on public lands policy definitively says that “this is not necessarily so”.

In fact, the writer says that after looking at all the studies currently available on the issue none of them support the claims of Tom Udall that New Mexico will benefit economically by the land grab in southern New Mexico.

Shouldn’t public officials demand good studies upon which to base their decisions?

Shouldn’t public officials let people who live in areas under consideration for wilderness designations make the final decisions about the land where they live?

Once again, Tom Udall makes general unsupported statements upon which he bases his legislative decisions that impact New Mexicans in negative ways.

He hasn’t said much about the land grab and we guess it is settled now.

For eternity, a huge piece of New Mexico land in southern New Mexico will be owned by the Federal government and there will be a time it will be developed by the Feds for whatever they deem essential, not New Mexicans.

It is hard to thank Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich for their efforts.

It is even harder to accept their falsehoods about New Mexicans getting anything good out of it.

Full article here >>>.

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