What Your Fellow Americans Care About

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

The linked Gallup poll below recently put lots in perspective. Americans, it seems, are fairly consistent in determining that the following things are important:

  1. Unemployment and jobs are not acceptable.
  2. The Federal Debt and Deficit are not acceptable.
  3. The Congress and Federal government are not acceptable.
  4. Healthcare is not acceptable.
  5. Illegal immigration is not acceptable.
  6. The moral decline of the country is not acceptable.
  7. Education in the U.S. is not acceptable.

This pretty well covers the waterfront.

Tom Udall, during this campaign, has only talked about minimum wage, the environment, campaign reform, Allen Weh using his plane (maybe) for campaign issues, Burn Pit Registry, and a host of non-significant items.

If Tom Udall is responsible for the things you don’t like, and he won’t talk about them, then why would you send him back to Congress. If you aren’t going to vote your conscience and your pocketbook, then why are you voting?

Full article here >>>.

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