When do You Decide to Take Back Your Credit Card?

 Posted:  August 15, 2014

Everyone knows that the National Debt is over $17 Trillion dollars and moving towards $18 trillion.

Everyone knows that Taxpayers pay interest on all the money that the government borrows to run its operations.

Everyone knows that eventually the credit limit is reached and you either pay off the debt or go bankrupt.

Everyone knows that the Federal Government is like your teenage son or daughter with your credit card and they have the opportunity to raise the credit limit as high as they want just because they can.

Everyone knows that if interest goes up just a little, from these artificial lows, we are all screwed.

Everyone knows that if you spend more than you take in you will have consequences.

Everyone knows that money does matter in this world.

Everyone knows that Tom Udall is a huge spender and a huge taxer.

When are you going to say enough is enough and take back YOUR credit card and tell Tom Udall to go get a job – preferably one at minimum wage, washing dishes at the Golden Corral?

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