When is Tom Udall Going to Put Babies on the Endangered Species List?

 Posted:  July 21, 2014

It is well known that Tom Udall likes prairie chicken, sage grouse, the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse. In fact, he likes all the birds, fish and fowl enough to earn high marks from environmental groups that want to protect all animals except for humans, and take land out of circulation for eternity.

It is also well known that Tom Udall is 100% behind woman’s choice and 0% behind the rights of babies to be born. Linked below are some interest group reports on Tom Udall from all kinds of right to life groups and pro choice groups. Interesting enough, there are Democrats for Life groups and probably some Republican Pro-Choice groups. Regardless, it is clear that no matter what you think Tom Udall says, he is firmly in the abortion business.

Since Roe v Wade, over 50 million babies have been aborted so women could have a choice.

It seems that women have plenty of choices but there seen to be no consequences for bad ones. Overwhelmingly, abortions are used by the poor, by minorities, be unmarried teens. All these women fear having to raise a baby by themselves.

Tom Udall could be more Pro-Choice if he actually voted to improve economic conditions in the U.S. so families could have money enough to raise children. Tom Udall could be more Pro-Life if he worked on making it easier for babies to be placed with competent adults that wanted them.

Tom Udall has his position and he hasn’t strayed from it. He has his ideology, his donors, his voting blocs, his tried and true position. He isn’t about to worry his head about babies rights.

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