When Will Tom Udall Own Up to ObamaCare?

 Posted:  July 23, 2014

Looks like he might be scrubbing his letters to constituents.

We had an E-mail from a Website visitor yesterday asking for information about a letter to constituents Tom Udall was supposed to have written in November 2013 extolling the virtues of ObamaCare.

We did a little research and looked at all the statements to constituents he has made from June 2009 to July 2014 about ObamaCare on his official Website.

We found only two statements in these five years that had to do with ObamaCare.

We didn’t find the November 2013 letter to constituents. The two statements he made are linked below.

We have also linked a few more articles made through regular media about Tom Udall and ObamaCare, a bill that he helped pass and helped promote to the public.

It seems rather amazing to us that a piece of legislation that has caused so much grief, so much turmoil, so many lawsuits going all the way to the Supreme Court, so many unauthorized changes by the President, has only caused Tom Udall to make two official statements on his official website paid for by taxpayer dollars.

If some intrepid researcher out there can find the November 2013 letter to his constituents by Tom Udall about ObamaCare, would they send it to DoesTomUdallRepresdentYou.com?

We do know that Tom Udall would rather talk about anything besides his record.

We do know that the big hammers in ObamaCare fall after the election.

That is sad because a lot of New Mexicans have lost their coverage, lost their Doctors, or lost their insurance because of ObamaCare. The insurance companies are getting their checks from the government because of problems with enrollments and health companies are giving money to all of New Mexico’s Congressional delegation. Crony capitalism is still with us and Tom Udall is a premier crony capitalist.

We hope this helps the visitor who took the time to contact the site. It helps us remember why we know Tom Udall doesn’t represent us.

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