When Will Tom Udall Talk About Your Issues and Not His?

 Posted:  August 8, 2014

According to the linked RASMUSSEN poll below taken in June 2014, the top five issues that are VERY IMPORTANT to American voters are:

  1. Economy (72%)
  2. Job Creation (62%)
  3. Healthcare (67%)
  4. Government spending (63%)
  5. Education (58%)

If politicians are running for office to represent us, they should be talking about the issues that most concern voters.

Thus far, Tom Udall has only talked about creating jobs in New Mexico by keeping the military bases and the labs open. He has not talked about the private sector jobs he has decimated by his votes and his progressive agenda. The last time we looked, keeping bases open was not adding jobs to New Mexico but just keeping us marching in place.

Apparently Tom Udall wants to protect the 30% of New Mexicans that are employed in government occupations and shut down the 70% of New Mexicans who work in the private sector.

Oops, we forgot – there isn’t much private sector in New Mexico. Since 20% of the state is under the poverty level they aren’t working.

Therefore, we have the 30% who work government jobs, 20% who work no jobs – all supported by the 50% in the private sector who are lucky to find themselves employed at all – at any wage.

When will Tom Udall talk about the private sector? When will he talk about ObamaCare? When will he talk about government over-spending? When will he talk about education in New Mexico with its high dropout rates and stagnant test scores?

Tom Udall might talk about these issues but watch out – he has a way of talking without really saying much. It comes from too many years in Congress.

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