When Your Senator Supports Scoundrels, You Have to be Worried

 Posted:  August 26, 2014

Judicial Watch is a non-partisan group following government and keeping track of corruption. As you see from the list of most corrupt politicians in 2012, there are both parties represented. Judicial Watch files Freedom of Information requests and finds out what the mice are hiding from the cat in our Federal government.

What caught our eye is who is on the list. We see Obama. We see Eric Holder (no surprise). We see Hillary (no surprise). We see Elizabeth Warren and Menendez from New Jersey. We see Harry Reid (no surprise).

We don’t see Tom Udall, which is okay, but we know that Tom Udall hangs out with the crew listed here and you are known by the company you keep. We don’t see Tom Udall distancing himself or speaking badly of the bad. In fact, he positively loves to do photos with the characters listed here.

It is only speculation but we guess that Tom Udall was encouraged by this gallery of corruption to write his letter to the IRS that he hasn’t apologized for and probably doesn’t even wish he could take back. He was put up to his sponsoring of a Constitutional Amendment to let Congress control free speech by saying who could give and how much, definitely against the first amendment.

We would feel better about Tom Udall if he would get a better group of friends and start to hang out with Western representatives instead of those from the really blue states of the Northeast and the Pacific Coast.

The linked article below details the bad and the ugly. There are no good things here.

Full article here >>>.

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