Where Are the 63 Drone Sites Approved by the FAA in the U.S.?

 Posted:  May 14, 2014

When Congress and Tom Udall passed the FAA Modernization and Reform Act, they paved the way for drones to fly over the U.S. in exponentially increasing numbers. Some of the drones will be used in scientific endeavors. Some drones will be used for police work. Other drones will be used to continue the massive spying on U.S. citizens. When a drone sees you cooking steaks on your barbecue and takes a picture of you throwing a paper cup and littering your own yard, don’t be surprised to find a ticket in the mail at your mailbox.

There are going to be thousands of these drones across the U.S. and two of the 63 authorized sites are at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico.

What if drones are used to monitor speed on freeways up and down I-25 and I-40? What if drones are used to take photos of people on disability for hurt backs? What if drones are used to work with SWAT teams and take down citizens who have not been convicted of anything? Drones, once begun, will change the way people live their lives.

Perhaps it is watching too many sci-fi movies, but what happens when the government arms the drones and use them to keep you in your quadrant?

Maybe Tom Udall asked that question? One guesses he just doesn’t care about your privacy.

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