Where Are We Going Tom Udall? In the Wrong Direction!

 Posted:  May 28, 2014

Polls are, of course, not always correct. However, they are usually in the ballpark because politicians follow them, vote because of them, and spend money to get elected on what they think the public believes and wants rather than what the public needs. These recent polls are done by organizations that are in no way Conservative or right leaning. Politico and CBS News are far from neutral organizations. So when they show similar results, one has to take notice.

These recent polls show that people in the country, voters in the country, are not satisfied with the direction of our country. These polls don’t show whether they are unhappy with the economic slump we continue to be in. They don’t show whether voters are unhappy with the social and cultural demise of our country that listens to gangster rap and aborts babies at the second highest rate in the world. They don’t indicate whether voters are tired of military adventurism or lack of it.

They do show that Americans are not happy with their leaders, that they are looking for real leadership and a change in direction. When the arrows are pointing down, and have been down for a while, it indicates that natives are restless.

Tom Udall has been driving the stagecoach for twenty some years and has made thousands of votes that have helped get us where we are today. He is running for re-election. He wants us to pat him on the back and give him another six years in the Senate.

Looking at these polls, it seems incredible that ANYONE would vote for an incumbent of either party.

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