Where is the Border Security Tom Udall Promised He is Fighting For?

 Posted:  July 8, 2014

A top U.S. General in charge of protecting the U.S. Southern borders testified before Congress that the massive influx of illegals streaming across the border with Mexico is a threat to the security of the United States. In the last year there have been 100.000 to 150,000 illegals from Central America that have poured across our borders, unstopped, and are now creating a disaster in the waiting.

Due to budget cuts General Kelly is unable to do his duty. He says that his task force is unable to deal with over 75% of the illicit trafficking events at the U.S. Mexico border. He has to sit back and let it happen.

In recent weeks there have been increasing reports of disease entering the U.S. with the illegals, as well as the potential of terrorists entering the U.S. with everyone else. There was nuclear material stolen in Mexico and Governor Perry of Texas sent Texas Rangers to close the borders of his state, vowing to charge the U.S. government for the expense. Meanwhile, in Congress, there are debates between those who see this as a humanitarian crisis and those who want the border closed to keep things from getting even worse.

Tom Udall has a long history of talking about wanting border security but then scoring an “F” grade on immigration issues from a number of immigration groups who want a realistic legal immigration plan for the U.S. but want border security. Tom Udall has dithered for decades and always says “just make them citizens”.

Recently, in Artesia, Tom Udall commented that locals seemed to be getting used to the inconvenience of having to deal with persons who should never have arrived in Artesia except for the total negligence of the Federal government. He said nothing about protecting the borders, said nothing about the dangers and expenses that this invasion is costing.

It seems that we should start passing out little Care packages to all these new uninvited guests. Inside will be a voting ID card, a New Mexico driver’s license, an EBT card and locations for all the free social services in the state. The arrivals don’t speak the language, don’t have the skills or education, don’t have any money, and are competing in a faltering economy with native born Americans facing some rough times too.

We feel bad for people in need, but we also want the border to be secure. Come on Tom Udall, where is the border security you were talking about in your last E-mail to New Mexico voters.

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