Where is This Gay Marriage Thing Going?

 Posted:  October 20, 2014

Things get curious and even more curious. We have had cases recently where cake decorators who refused to bake wedding cakes for gay couples have been forced to bake them or go out of business. They went out of business. Cakes are one thing, but the marrying business is another.

In Idaho, the Hitching Post Chapel is a for-profit business whose owners marry people for money. They have been told by a city ordinance that they must marry gay people. They maintain that that is against their religious beliefs and violates their principles.

They have filed suit against the city saying the ordinance that they must marry gays violates their religious liberties, a Constitutional guarantee.

So,the next step in the process is the wheel stopping race to force churches to marry gays when the Bible definitely says that their behavior is a sin.

We have the army of secular forces lining up against the religious forces in a battle that cannot be compromised.

Churches are so caught up in the money business that it seems inevitable that there will be more of this clash between religion and a gay culture that demands recognition and legitimization.

The Constitution is under attack twenty-four seven.

Gays can get married if they find a church to marry them voluntarily. Using the courts to force churches to break religious traditions will not work for anyone.

Idaho is going to be remembered now for more than potatoes.

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