Where is Tom Udall on the New High Frequency Trading Lawsuit?

 Posted:  September 12, 2014

Tom Udall is missing in action on yet another scandal in Washington.

There have been reports on Wall Street chicanery on Sixty Minutes and plenty in newspapers and blogs around the country if one cares to check.

Tom Udall hasn’t said a word but that is par for his course. He isn’t going to tell you about anything unless he is asked and then he will give you a vague and mediocre answer that causes you to shake your head and wonder “why is this guy not representing me?”

Right now there is, in process, a high frequency trading lawsuit that charges Wall Street firms as conspiring with the U.S. Stock Market to rig the market against average investors and pension funds where we have our paltry retirement accounts.

Tom Udall takes plenty of money from Wall Street, especially Goldman Sachs (check his campaign contributions).

We live in New Mexico at DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com but we also care about more than our own little state. Tom Udall acts and talks like he hasn’t done anything in Washington D.C.

Aren’t you a little bit curious about all the bills he votes on, all the lobbyists he talks too, all the strategy sessions he attends at the progressive Aspen Institute in Colorado, at their expense?

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