Where You Fit

  1. Political Parties in U.S.: Political parties throughout history 1792-2012, political parties in U.S. (Wikipedia), political ignorance costs (George Will), ignorant voters (weekend America) if only voters were diligent (Ralph Nader).

  2. Comparison Political Parties in U.S.: Democrat vs. Republican – Difference and Comparison , 2008 Party Platform Comparison

  3. Third Parties in U.S.: Third party U.S. (wikipedia), perceived need 3rd party reaches high, top 10 most successful 3rd party Presidential Candidates, why the U.S. needs a 3rd party, students welcome 3rd party, is America ready for third party, number of independents continue to grow, 5 myths about independents, independents fed up with entire political system.

  4. Political Types/Typology: 2011 Pew research political typology, political ideologies (wikipedia), life’s extremes – Democrat/Republican, political labels , election confirms deep ideological divide, Americans shifted parties, not ideology,political ideology of millenials, ideological parties and American’s political insanity, types of conservatives, types of liberals, what kind of libertarian are you

  5. Political Systems: Political systems defined(video), politics for dummies(video), capitalism and socialism (video), milton freidman – socialism vs capitalism (video), communism for dummies (video) , socialism explained /Abbot/Costello (video), types of government explained (video) , what is a Republic (video)

  6. Political Quizzes: Political quiz, political quiz(Washington Post), political spectrum quiz – your political label

  7. Polls on government: American’s believe government is too powerful, 47% think neither party represents U.S., Americans want to rein in Fed, bring troops home, restore Constitutional Rights

  8. One Issue Voters: Why single issue voters miss point, single issue voting not way to go

  9. Low Information Voters: Low info voter (wikipedia), low info voter and govt shutdown, who are low info voters, media shapes views of low info voters, saturday night live (video), low info voter- big government, low information voters- low information politicians

  10. Questions to ask Candidates: 101 questions to ask candidates, 18 Constitutional questions to ask candidates, questions for candidates

  11. Identity politics: Identity politics (wikipedia), the waning of identity politics, what is identity politics

  12. Constitution: Constitution of the United States

  13. Two Sides of Same Coin: No difference between Obama and Romney, no difference between Republicans and Democrats (video), 100 ways Republicans are just like Democrats