Which New Mexico Senate Candidate Would Stop This?

 Posted:  September 7, 2014

This linked article below includes a video that mirrors a posted video posted last week on this site featuring a man dressed as Osama Bin Laden crossing the southern border unaccosted.

This video is a reporter dressed as an ISIS terrorist crossing the Rio Grande near El Paso, Texas. There have been warnings of imminent attacks on the U.S. by ISIS and Fort Bliss Military base, in El Paso, is on alert.

Which of the two candidates for U.S Senate from New Mexico would do the best in dealing with this danger?

Tom Udall has been in Congress for two decades, has voted against border security, has voted for amnesty, has supported the Obama administrations “open borders” policies.

Allen Weh is a retired military officer and knows a thing or two about fighting wars and protecting borders.

You have one guess about the right choice, and if you say Tom Udall you flunked your history test.

Full article here >>>.

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