Which Part of the First Amendment Don’t You Like?

 Posted:  October 17, 2014

In Houston, we have the latest attempts of government officials trying to control religion.

There is a controversy between a secular city administration and the 1st Houston Baptist Church concerning gays and what is said in the pulpits.

The city officials demanded that pastors in the city turn over all their sermons about homosexuality.

Like schoolteachers, they are going to edit the sermons, create J. Edgar Hoover files, and turn the IRS loose like a pack of wild dogs.

The linked video by Senator Ted Cruz calls this a flagrant foul, a blatant attack on both freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Tom Udall, has no comment we could find, and probably won’t.

He has extensive notes on campaign reform, minimum wage, helping vets when you don’t really help them, and a full service energy program that looks 100% like solar and wind only.

Tom Udall doesn’t have much to say, at all.

We expect him to say something about the issue, sometime, because maybe someone will press him.

It will be general, appease both sides of the issue, and make him look like the politician that he is.

We will take Ted Cruz because at least we know when he tells us his position, it will be the truth.

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