Which Political Party do You Belong To?

 Posted:  August 20, 2014

You are going to visit the voting booth in a few months. You are registered Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green or Constitution Party. You might have belonged and voted your party for a number of years. How do you actually know your party still reflects your beliefs?

Linked below is a political quiz that asks you simple questions and, at the end, tells you which party might represent your values. The quiz is short and good because you don’t have to answer “yes” or “no”. There is an OTHER choice that gives you more options. This is where many of us live in that land between the Yes and No of the Major Party Platforms.

Try the quiz out and then browse the extensive Battleground Issues on this Website to refresh your knowledge of the issues.

We want people to vote their conscience but we also want them to know that the person or party they think represents them, really does.

Full article here >>>.

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