Which Side of His Mouth Does Tom Udall Talk Out of on Energy in New Mexico?

 Posted:  June 10, 2014

It is well documented that Tom Udall is, and always has been, an alternative energy kind of guy.

He has voted against oil interests during his almost twenty years in Congress. He has backed and been backed by every environmental group in the country. He has voted for government taxpayer subsidies on every wind turbine and solar panel in every desolate field in America. He has signed on to every international climate bill and tried to get a Cap and Tax bill through Congress. He has pushed for national renewable energy standards that would make ALL states have to generate electricity from alternative means. He has seen to it that nuclear power plants, oil refineries will not be built in this country. He is working to implement Obama’s plan executed by the EPA to shut down coal power plants.

There is nothing is Tom Udall’s history to suggest he is anything but a BIG GREEN GROUPIE.

Now, just months before an election, he is running about pushing for expanding natural gas exports from New Mexico for shipment to foreign markets in a liquified form. All of a sudden fracking is not a problem. All of a sudden the fact that New Mexico depends on oil revenues for its existence wakes him up. During his tardiness, Russia stepped up and signed a multi-billion dollar natural gas deal with China that takes a hug market out of New Mexico’s reach.

Tom Udall has been talking out of both sides of his mouth for decades. He wants to have it both ways. He wants to be for Green Energy but also wants to appear he is for Oil. Tom Udall is easy enough to understand.

Give him your vote thinking he is doing good for New Mexico, which in this case he is, and then he will return to his big global control of energy plans and vote for the Green Gremlins who keep wanting to constrict energy supply and thus take money out of your pocket and purse and drive up costs in a cause that is not backed by the biggest polluters in the world. China and Russia.

Americans are used to double talk from all politicians. When was the last time Republicans actually cut government?

This year you can make a difference and send an incumbent home. Let Tom Udall chase windmills on his own time, not yours.

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