Whistleblowers Are the Enemy in 2013

 Posted:  June 12, 2014

The video below, by Reporters without Borders, reports on the state of journalism in the U.S. and around the world. It reports that the United States has dropped to a world ranking of 46th out of 180 countries around the world. As a country with First Amendment rights, this shows how far our government has stooped to crush out journalists trying to uncover things politicians and the government doesn’t want us to know.

The Obama Administration has prosecuted 8 whistleblowers under the Espionage Act. This is more than any other Administration in the history of the U.S. and shows a concentrated strategy to keep information from the public. Some of the scandals, amid many others this year, are the AP scandal, Bradley Manning receiving 35 years in prison, and Edward Snowden fleeing to Russia for protection after breaking the NSA details.

This going after whistleblowers is particularly poignant in New Mexico because it was a whistleblower who broke the news of the V.A. scandal.

This world wide crackdown on journalists will continue as central governments try to hide what they have been doing in financial markets, crony capitalist deal making, fixing the prices of currency and commodities, and rigging the stock market.

When you punish whistleblowers you kill analysis, dissent, discussion. You kill free speech which is the single most important right of U.S. citizens.

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