Who Actually is Responsible For Your Child’s Education?

 Posted:  October 9, 2014

Parents bundle their kids up for school and send them off; sometimes with a lunch, a kiss, and a wave. They don’t really know what the subject of the day’s lessons will be, the political agenda of their kid’s teachers. They don’t know if their kids will be bullied or hustled for money.

If they are Christians they know the curriculum will be secular, accepting of lots of things a Christian family is not happy with.

So, lots of parents are opting into the home schooling movement.

They are feeling that they have a better chance of imparting values, ethics, morals, and academic skills to their own children. They have lost faith in the schools and the ability of their children to be safe, happy, and educated.

Now, however, the state has moved as only the state can move. The school board in this linked article is dictating that home school kids must learn Common Core “truths”.

You see, you are not really in charge of your child. You do not have a say in what they are taught and what they learn.

You are just another “consumer” and you, for the most part, have to send your offspring to a public school where whether they get nutrition or not is really a big question.

Who actually raises your child – you or the state?

Full article here >>>.

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