Who Actually Votes in America?

 Posted:  October 6, 2014

The little info article linked below gives some facts about voting in America. Even though it spotlights 2012 elections, the info is still pertinent.

Some of the highlights:

  1. Top two reasons for not voting are too busy and not interested
  2. Rich vote at higher levels than poor
  3. Higher education levels translates into higher rates of voting
  4. Women vote at higher levels than men
  5. Married persons vote at higher levels than singles
  6. Seniors vote at higher rates than young
  7. Whites vote at higher rates than Blacks or Hispanics
  8. Voting rates continue to go down

Some conclusions:

We are where we are, as a country, because we have sent representatives to Congress who have voted for policies and programs that can’t be paid for, aren’t sustainable, and take over duties better left to families, the church, local schools, local communities. We continue to support a two party system that doesn’t support us.

Full article here >>>.

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