Who Does Small Business Like in New Mexico For the U.S. Senate?

 Posted:  October 29, 2014

It is one thing to give speeches about jobs and the economy. It is another to actually vote and support the business community in your state, in your community, in your country.

Tom Udall talks jobs all the time. The fact is that it is not one of his priorities except during election time. Tom Udall is well known for supporting wilderness issues, conservation issues, windmills and the Sage Grouse, the silvery minnow and spotted owl. Tom Udall is well known for supporting unlimited abortion and gun confiscation by the United Nations. Tom Udall is a long time political actor who has been on the Washington stage for decades and learns the script he is given by his director, Barack Obama.

Tom Udall doesn’t vote for the small business community.

The NFIB is a national group of SMALL business owners. These are employers who hire people in the community and make up over two thirds of the jobs available for Americans. This group, like any other group, follow the legislation, follow the issues that are important to their members, follow how the winds are blowing.

Tom Udall is just a wintry cold wind because they endorse Allen Weh as being the man who is most likely to help the small business community in New Mexico.

Check out the linked article below to see who business people would like to see in Washington.

It is not Tom Udall.

Tom can say anything he wants to, and he does. But NFIB speaks louder than Tom Udall on the issue of jobs and the economy.

Full article here >>>.

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