Who Does Tom Udall Work For Anyway?

 Posted:  June 6, 2014

He and Martin Heinrich just took away 500,000 acres and gave it to Uncle Sam to look after. Trouble is, Uncle Sam can’t even run a Website.

The press spin has been churning on this issue for ten years. Tom Udall and his right hand man Martin Heinrich, have been the ones that pushed this land grab to fruition. They couldn’t get a bill through Congress to do it so they went to their boss, Obama, to do the deal.

The deal has been done.

500,000 acres of land in southern New Mexico have been taken from the state of New Mexico. Whatever current uses of the land might be, they will not happen. Whatever uses of the land there might be in the future that would benefit New Mexicans, they will not happen either.

There were proposals for smaller designations of land and they were pushed under the carpet.

As the article linked below indicates, the trumpeted advantages of this event won’t live up to their press, and the disadvantages will become more and more important to people who live in Southern New Mexico.

Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich will continue to pad their campaign re-election funds with environmental lobby money. They are already working on other areas of New Mexico to take away from local citizens in the name of preservation (Otero Mesa).

In our state, with almost 50% of the land controlled by the Federal government, you best hold onto your city lot in Albuquerque. By the time the Udalls get through (Mark and Tom and little Martin Heinrich), it will be the only place you can walk freely.

But don’t forget to do xeriscape or the environmental police will report you.

Full article here >>>.

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