Who Gives a Damn About the National Debt?

 Posted:  May 30, 2014

Only a blithering idiot would be concerned about spending money we don’t have. Only a lame Conservative would care that the Federal government has written $17 Trillion worth of IOU’s that future taxpayers and working Americans will have to pay the interest on forever since the debt can never really be paid off and will just continue to rise because the political and national will to deal with it are absent.

Only a Tea Party retard would worry that unfunded obligations of the Federal government have been estimated to be $200 Trillion dollars.

We only want to hear Happy Talk.

While waiting for the Happy Talk though, try out this National Debt Calculator provided by one of those pesky Republicans that talk about fiscal responsibility but don’t vote for it either. I tried the calculator and found my share of the National Debt, at this moment, was around $100,000. You have to realize though that the debt goes up, and as it grows,your percentage goes up too.

I am not going to write a check for $100,000 to take care of it but I will certainly pay for the Federal governments profligacy through inflation, paying interest payments on the debt,and seeing foreign countries refuse to buy our bonds or stop honoring the dollar as a world currency, which is already happening. As a working American I will pay.

Despite claims that the rich have to pay, that won’t work because taking ALL their money won’t even pay for the operation of the Federal government before the borrowing and printing of money starts.

See how much your children owe right now. More and more of their future earnings will be taken to pay someone else’s Social Security, someone else’s Healthcare, some other generation’s parties.

I guess I am an idiot for thinking about such things.

Pass me another beer.

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