Who Owns New Mexico’s Land?

 Posted:  May 15, 2014

Almost 50% of New Mexico lands are controlled by or managed by the Federal government. In Nevada this is almost 80%. In Utah, the number is 65%. There is a movement in Western states to take back state lands controlled by the Federal government for two reasons:

  1. The land has resources the state can develop to raise revenues for citizens of the state.

  2. The Federal government has done a poor job of managing the lands.

According to a spokesman for the Wild Earth Guardians, “New Mexico lands are public lands and belong to ALL Americans, not just New Mexicans.”

It is easy to say this but if one looks at the facts states east of the Mississippi have much less than 10% of their lands in the public domain. Why is it suitable for New Mexico to be owned by everyone and New York to be owned by New Yorkers? Who is best able to manage their own back yard – someone who lives in the yard or someone thousands of miles away?

Tom Udall is at the heart of this issue because he is pushing to bring MORE New Mexico land under Federal control and out of state hands. He is pushing the kind of bills that Wild Earth Guardians like – bills that take land and return it to a non-use status.

New Mexico has the expertise to manage its own lands and the need to benefit from the revenues that these lands generate. What happens when the Federal government, due to budget cuts, can no longer manage our state lands because they have no money to do so?

Tell Tom Udall to keep his hands off New Mexico land. We like it the way it is. We want people who live here to have a chance to use it. We believe that New Mexico’s land belongs to New Mexican’s to be used for the benefits of our state and its people.

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