Why Are Food Prices Rising so Fast? Ask Tom Udall.

 Posted:  May 30, 2014

According to Ben Bernanke, “inflation is very low …”

When you go to the super market, however, you KNOW that you are paying more for things and the prices go up between your visits to the store. Trust us, you are correct. Inflation is with us. The government cooks the books on a constant basis. As this article says, “When Ben Bernanke tells us inflation is low, that is a lie.”

There are several reasons for inflation. The first is that the Federal Reserve, a private corporation that serves the government, big business and big bankers, the rich and well connected, is printing money with a passion. They are printing money so our government can spend 100% of all the taxes they collect each year plus another 50% that they borrow from the Feds who take an IOU and add it to the National Debt for you to pay. More money in circulation helps those who deal with money and hurts savers and those who don’t have credit. Another reason food prices go up is because a third of the corn we grow in the U.S. goes into fuel. By turning corn into fuel, we don’t have it to eat. We cut supply and the cost goes up. Pretty simple.

Tom Udall is okay with all of this. He supports the Federal Reserve that gives him a credit card with no limit so he can spend your money and tell you he is taking care of you. He wants create energy by burning food instead of oil so you pay more for your fuel and your food.

Thanks Tom Udall. You do too much for us.

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