Why Are You a Tom Udall Groupie?

 Posted:  September 8, 2014

The linked article below falls in the area of Collectivism/Individualism which is featured in the Individualism/Collectivism Battleground Issues on this Website.

There are two kinds of people – those who want to control people and those who want to be left alone.

Americans are mostly followers these days. Followers trade in their mental and spiritual freedom to governments, oligarchs, and gatekeepers so they don’t have to face difficulties.

“Each individual must make the decision on his or her own to stop wishing the world will fix itself, or them. Each individual must take the first step on being a self reliant and SELF OWNED human being …”

The battle today, in America, is the battle for control of you, your life, your family, your labor, your wages, your soul.

If the collectivists win, you lose everything.

But, being a slave, means you don’t have to think or worry anymore. Like a dog, your world becomes your master.

Full article here >>>.

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