Why Aren’t New Mexico’s Senate Candidates Talking About the Federal Reserve?

 Posted:  October 19, 2014

On this Website there is an extraordinary amount of material on the U.S. Federal Reserve. Go to the Battleground Issues area and watch a few videos, read a few questions, read a few articles.

It is clear that the Fed is responsible for inflation which has been eroding American’s wealth since 1913.

The Fed was created by wealthy industrialists and bankers who pushed its creation through and did so secretly and quickly. Since it’s creation we have seen the value of our money drop like a shotgun blasted duck, seen an explosion of government debt, have seen the wealthy get more wealthy. High inflation destroys the wealth of the middle class.

The Fed is a banking cartel that favors the rich and privileged in America.

What astounds us is that neither of the two candidates for Senate in New Mexico give the Fed much notice?

Tom Udall has voted for lots of Fed chairmen and applauds everything they do, won’t even push for an audit to find out what they are doing.

Allen Weh doesn’t even mention the Federal Reserve on his Website as an issue worth running on.

The middle class will continue to be screwed in these boom and bust cycles engineered by the Fed, whose policies continue to create bubbles that expand till they burst and leave lots of victims in their destruction.

The Fed, as the linked article below states, “is the primary engine of inflation and income inequality”.

When your candidates talk about “fairness”, “income inequality” and “the rich getting richer”; ask them about their position on the Federal Reserve.

That will tell you whether they are walking the walk, or just talking the talk.

Dave Clements, defeated in the Republican primary, walked the walk.

The fact that the current candidates support the Fed, or won’t talk about it, just plain scares us.

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