Why Does New Mexico Need 42 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Armored Vehicles?

 Posted:  June 11, 2014

The countries police forces are becoming increasingly like military units with all the apparatus of troops in war. Your local police force is accumulating weapons that make them look more and more like the military and you like the conquered people.

In New Mexico we have seen plenty of cases of local police abusing their authority and not only killing unarmed homeless people but subjecting citizens to cavity searches and firing at them as they tried to get away. When we go through border checks we are asked questions and sniffed by dogs while illegals cross our borders with abandon.

These days you aren’t sure who the good guys are. The days of Sheriff Taylor and Opie and Barney Fife with one bullet in his gun are gone. We have SWAT teams and specially trained units who can take things out of hand quickly. It would not be too hard to imagine that authorities, politicians are planning for revolt in the streets. Looking at conflicts between citizens and the BLM or Forest Service, all over the West, gives one some concern.

But, you are right – we who worry about New Mexico being the NUMBER 1 state for having Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Armored Vehicles (42) are just wearing tin foil hats.

Our only question is – who is going to be there to protect us when all hell breaks loose and our local police, along with state and county police, the Federal government and all other government employees who have guns while they are trying to take yours, take control?

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