Why Does Tom Udall Hitch New Mexico’s Horses to the Failed Wagons of New York and California?

 Posted:  June 12, 2014

Most everywhere you read, you see growth and better economies belong to red states. Blue states are increasingly experiencing mind numbing deficits, loss of taxpayers, increasing taxes and unemployment, and dropping credit ratings. It is no secret that red and blue states both have different visions of America and different things to offer their citizens. It is also no secret that American business, American taxpayers, and American workers vote with their feet. Blue Democrat states are losing citizens and businesses while red states are gaining new citizens.

New Mexico is a state with a Republican Governor but a Democratic Legislature. We have a Democrat Congressional contingent. New Mexico still hasn’t made up it’s mind what it wants to be when it grows up.

This November election we have a chance to decide again. Is New Mexico going to continue to support the European welfare kind of state like New York or California or the pro growth – pro business model of our neighbor Texas and other states in the country?

Tom Udall votes for California and New York policies – over and over and over again. You would think he should just move there since he likes their ideas so much.

The question we keep asking over and over and over again is – what is really the best for a healthy New Mexico, overly dependent on the Federal Government New Mexico, can’t take care of business New Mexico?

In New Mexico if you have one third of the state employed by government, one third of the state unemployed, on food stamps, and having no job. How, we ask, does the remaining one third of the state support the other two thirds?

Red and Blue are just colors, but the philosophy behind them is like night and day.

Time to wake up New Mexico. Let’s vote for prosperity for a change and send Tom Udall to his new home in California overlooking the Pacific Ocean. He can afford it.

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