Why Don’t We Go Straight to Natural Gas For Energy?

 Posted:  August 27, 2014

Oh, we forgot that Tom Udall is against drilling, loves solar, and doesn’t mind expensive electricity.

We don’t make these things up. The linked article discusses a state of the art power plant in our neighboring state that runs on SOLAR only.

The multi-billion dollar plant is a good model for testing out Tom Udall’s theories on energy.

What is startling is that the plant is asking for permission to use natural gas to power it since the sun, in a very sunny place, doesn’t shine enough to generate enough power to run the plant, much less run your house.

Must be the reason Europeans are returning to coal as a source of fuel for their power plants and China continues to build more coal plants than solar plants.

Seems like Tom Udall should read up on his passions before he votes instead of leaving us with the consequences of his uninformed decisions on our behalf.

Full article here >>>.

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