Why Hasn’t Tom Udall Talked About Bengazi?

 Posted:  July 26, 2014

This video provides startling documentation of what actually happened in Bengazi. Bengazi is a place. Bengazi involved Americans. Bengazi is understandable. Bengazi is a national disgrace.

Watching the mini-documentary discussion of Bengazi and why it matters by Bill Whittle is important because it reminds us of how we wish our media would give us information. The facts are there. The facts are irrefutable. The conclusions are there. The conclusions are irrefutable.

There are large numbers of New Mexicans, especially Vets, that want to know why our Federal government and the Commander in Chief refused to provide requested security to a U.S. Ambassador. They want to know why resources that could have possibly saved the U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans were denied. They want to know why a movie was blamed for an obvious terrorist attack. They want to know why our President and Secretary of State were so negligent in their duties.

We want to know why Tom Udall is so silent on the events at Bengazi. What exactly does he know that we don’t know? Why isn’t he clamoring for facts? Even if he thinks the event is some witch hunt, why isn’t he finding the real facts to prove it so?

Tom Udall won’t talk about Bengazi because he doesn’t want to bring up the facts that his party, his President, and his Secretary of State were both incompetent and weak of character at the least, and treacherous at the worst.

Bengazi is more damning than Watergate and is damning at the highest levels of government.

Even if you believe the event was a witch hunt, this video makes a compelling point: When are Americans going to realize that this event does matter, and matters greatly. Why is the truth being hidden?

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