Why is the New Mexico Media Protecting Tom Udall?

 Posted:  July 7, 2014

The video in the article linked below features Bill O’Reilly talking about the news blackout that the national and local news outfits propagate to protect politicians. In a well documented piece, he goes over the blatant bias of the media and how it hurts the folks who are paying attention. While he is talking about national figures and national events, it applies to New Mexico.

We have our own politicians in New Mexico that need to be vetted. We have Tom Udall running for yet another term and we have yet to see any investigative reports on he or his votes. We have yet to see any hard ball questions thrown for Tom Udall to catch. We have seen nothing but soft ball questions, listened to answers to questions from his staff, and have been treated to a bunch of silly sound bytes that indicate Tom Udall has given no thought to the issues and has no care about what anyone thinks about his positions – except, of course, donors with money.

Why is the New Mexico media protecting Tom Udall? Are all the Albuquerque Journal reporters on Udall’s payroll. Does the Albuquerque Journal fear losing ad revenues if they criticize or actually seriously cover Tom Udall? Will they continue to present articles making sure both sides of any question have a say, yet fail to take an editorial position of their own?

Good thing there is the internet and alternative media. Without them we would really be the last to know about things that were coming.

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