Why Won’t Sharks Eat Lawyers?

 Posted:  June 1, 2014

This is an old joke that is still funny. The answer, of course, is “professional courtesy”.

ObamaCare was guilty of many things, but one of the worst was the fact that it didn’t say anything about tort reform and gave lawyers a new playground to get rich.

Since half of Congressmen and women are or were lawyers this is not surprising. Our own lawyer, Tom Udall of New Mexico, hasn’t done anything else but law and politics.

He has NEVER voted “yes” for any kind of tort reform in his long career.

He also receives more money from lawyers and legal firms than any other group in campaign donations.

There are problems that arise from doctors doing shoddy work, no doubt about it. There are also plenty of frivolous claims. To ignore the fact that lawsuits drive up the cost of medical services is inescapable. To ignore the fact that Tom Udall does not favor tort reform is denial of the worst kind.

Other groups that benefit from this law are health care providers and insurance companies.

If you thought big medicine and big insurance were going to be controlled by ObamaCare you thought wrong. A little looking shows that they actually wrote ObamaCare along with the Congressional staff of Tom Udall.

I don’t think sharks like to eat lawyers because it is tough to swallow their briefcases.

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