Why Would Any Catholic Vote For Tom Udall?

 Posted:  August 23, 2014

This has been a topic for discussion around our roundtable. Usually the talk is about abortion and Tom Udall’s unabashed support of abortion rights causes and pro choice groups. It is difficult to picture him being for the family when he is so 100% behind eliminating babies, but he has a right to his beliefs and women will do what they want with their bodies until the state sets some kind of boundaries.

Maybe we should require a trial before all abortions so we know everyone, including the father and the baby, relatives and society, all have input before taking a life. Even murderers get a fair trial and due process? Trouble is, it would make more money for the lawyers, Tom Udall’s biggest fan club.

The linked article discusses Common Core, another Tom Udall idea.

The article, from a top Catholic Education Organization, says that Common Core could threaten Religious Liberty.

What we often wonder is how people of religious faith can continue to support people who violate their beliefs?

Full article here >>>.

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