Why Would You Think There is No Voter Fraud?

 Posted:  October 24, 2014

Getting over is a way of life in America.

  • How many people get food stamps that don’t need them?
  • How many people sell stamps for fifty cents on the dollar to get money for drugs or booze?
  • How many taxpayers have two sets of books?
  • How many operations are unnecessary?
  • How many vending machines take your money and keep it because you don’t have time to call the 1-800 number?
  • How many people work for cash so they don’t have to report the income and still get government benefits?
  • How many politicians don’t read the bills they vote on?
  • How many kids cheat on tests?

You get the idea … the list is endless.

Therefore, if fraud is found in all areas of life, by all ages and all sexes, why would you think there is no voter fraud?

James O’Keefe, brilliant revealer of truths that liberals hate to see, has done a little more investigative journalism in Colorado where we have a very close Senate race.

He has found that voter fraud is both easy and condoned in Colorado.

So, as Colorado goes, so does New Mexico and every state of the Union.

With many races in the country decided by only a few votes each district, why shouldn’t we do what we can to preserve the integrity of the system?

Even if there is no detectable fraud, we know that it is present and happens. People who commit fraud don’t want to get caught and it is a federal crime to vote more than once.

The same people who cry about protecting individuals in the voting booth should really do something about the surveillance state we now live in where the state already knows the color of your underwear and bras.

Full article here >>>.

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