Will Tom Udall Continue Supporting the “Banksters”?

 Posted:  September 19, 2014

Tom Udall has made a lot of bad votes that support Wall Street, big banks, big corporations, the rich. He has supported the Federal Reserve 100% and claps when the Banksters continue to reap record rewards. Check his Benchmark Votes on Dodd Frank, the repeal of the Glass Stegal Act, the second release of TARP funds, recent bills written by Citicorp etc. Tom Udall is, and has always been, one of those politicians who talks like he is for you, but supports policies that help the big boys.

The House of Representatives sent Harry Reid and Tom Udall, several years ago, a bill to audit the Federal Reserve. The Senate, controlled by Dems, has refused to even bring the bill to a vote and reap money hand over fist from Wall Street. The House of Representatives has just passed the bill again, this time by a wider margin, to audit the Fed.

We are guessing that Tom Udall will continue clapping for the Federal Reserve that directly controls the money in this country, and lets the rich get richer, the unlimited credit card of the U.S. government continue, and fat campaign re-election funds grow.

Tom Udall is a Bankster even though he is trying to associate himself with Elizabeth Warren, trying to keep up with the In-Group in his party rather than saying No to Wall Street.

Elizabeth Warren, by the way, would be fine but she just wants to keep the banks from getting the largess so she can re-distribute the money to others of her choosing – still a very bad idea.

By the way, the ENTIRE U.S. delegation in the House voted to audit the Fed. It is time for Tom Udall to man up and represent OUR state, not HIS special banking interests.

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