Will Tom Udall Follow This Legal Opinion?

 Posted:  October 3, 2014

Tom Udall follows laws he likes and ignores the rest; sort of like his POTUS and his party.

There is a growing consensus that any ObamaCare Bailout must be authorized by Congress.

At the moment we have a sort of semi-bailout going with the Executive Branch using slush money in the ObamaCare budget already to pay insurance companies that are starting to take some financial losses for the ACA.

The Government Accountability Office has issued a legal decision (linked below), that states it is not legal for anyone but Congress to appropriate money to bail out health insurance companies.

What do you suppose Tom Udall will do, especially since he voted for the bill that INCLUDED language that bailed out the health insurance companies before the law went into affect?

Would someone ask Tom Udall what his position is on this bailout? We can’t believe him because he voted against the TARP funds when George W Bush was President ,but voted for TARP funds when B. Obama was President?

He just looks like a great big Flipper to us.

Full article here >>>.

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