Will Tom Udall Stand Up For the Constitution?

 Posted:  July 17, 2014

There are mumblings in the press that maybe President Obama should just pass an Executive Order and call all the illegals in the U.S. American citizens with his pen. No discussion, no representation, no legislative process. Lightweight Ben Ray Lujan from New Mexico has been quoted as saying he hopes that this is what Obama does. Forget that Ben Ray is supposed to uphold the Constitution. Forget that laws on the books demand that the Executive Branch execute the laws and secure the border. Forget that few people, looking at the polls, even consider immigration a top priority.

Senator Jeff Sessions has drafted a letter and hand delivered it to ALL representatives in Congress. It stresses that should the President try to do this we would have a Constitutional Crisis. He reminds Congress that they have a responsibility and duty to check the Executive Branch when it tries to do something it is not Constitutionally authorized to do.

Tom Udall has received this letter. At DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com, we want an official statement about what Tom Udall will do if President Obama should try to assume powers he does not Constitutionally have?

We know that Ben Ray Lujan doesn’t care about the Constitution and the voters in New Mexico’s third district should be ashamed.

We expect Tom Udall to issue a tepid response in which he straddles the fence and talks to both sides of the issue out of both sides of his mouth. We expect that he will follow his party line and agree that the President has the authority to proceed.

We just want to have Tom Udall put it in writing.

Do you believe in Separation of Powers, believe in Congress as a co-equal branch of government, believe that in some things the party can not be given the unconditional go ahead?

This election should be an election where PARTY takes a back seat and IDEAS become important.

We will see.

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