Will Tom Udall Vote “No” on the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)?

 Posted:  August 9, 2014

Tom Udall has not said much about the TPP, a secretive agreement hammered out by the POTUS who does everything in secret. There is no input to or from Congress, no comments by Tom Udall except that he pledges to protect us from yet another trade deal that has a great name but sells the working man and woman down the road.

There will be a few reassuring comments made to Tom Udall by the POTUS and then our representative will buy into a trade deal that tramples individual rights and helps large multinational businesses and foreign governments. It is the same old sell out under a different name.

Use the search feature on DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com and type in TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Tom Udall is no stranger to trade deals. While he votes against some of the smaller ones, he has a predilection for supporting the big ones, the onerous ones, the damaging ones. He agreed with giving President Clinton fast track authority on NAFTA which enabled that trade agreement to be negotiated by the Executive Branch, sidestepping Congress. He has given President Obama the same fast track authority on the TPP which has been called “NAFTA on Steroids”.

You can listen to Tom Udall talk about going after big business, bringing corporations home, helping the little guy.

It is all nonsense. Look at his voting record.

Tom Udall is a world trade, new world order, kick U.S. sovereignty in the butt kind of politician.

We want to know how he will vote when the chips are down? Will he vote for us, or will he vote for Obama and big multinational business that moves corporate headquarters overseas and take advantage of great banking perks courtesy of the Federal Reserve and our Federal government?

The linked article below gives details about the TPP. The trade deal sounds like just TP to us.

Full article here >>>.

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