With Thanks to Tom Udall: Our Medical Costs Are Through the Roof!

 Posted:  October 21, 2014

ObamaCare is one of the most ill conceived pieces of legislation in decades. It took a late night session with payoffs and concessions and one party vote to get it into law.

Since it has become law the court challenges continue though the Supreme Court made a particularly screwy decision on it.

The law has been postponed, amended, changed, and delayed after it was passed by the Executive Branch who don’t want people to know what they have done until it actually happens to them.

On this website, under the Healthcare Battleground Issues, there are plenty of articles from respected news sources that discuss the ramifications of ObamaCare.

The linked article below reminds of what has happened to thousands of people in all the states. ObamaCare brings:

  1. Higher deductibles.
  2. Higher co-payments.
  3. Higher costs.
  4. Fewer doctors and places of care.
  5. Losing individual plans.
  6. No significant increase in people covered.
  7. Security issues with your health records.
  8. Happy insurance companies that benefit from ObamaCare.
  9. Loss of jobs from employers who find it less expensive to switch to part-time workers without benefits.
  10. Number of states not participating in healthcare exchanges.
  11. Number of youth dropping out of system and paying fine instead of paying premiums.
  12. Rationing of services.

We could go on.

Tom Udall voted for this bill and the only reason he has for destroying the plans of millions was that he wanted a few people who couldn’t get coverage to get covered.

It is like plowing up the entire field when all you needed to do was take a spade and shovel to make a little place for a personal garden.

Thanks for nothing Tom Udall. You have your own healthcare plan. You didn’t really pay enough attention that we liked our Doctor and our plan.

That’s the point – You just don’t pay attention.

Full article here >>>.

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