Woman’s Health Protection Act S-1696 Voted “Yes” on by Tom Udall

 Posted:  July 22, 2014

This is a bill that recently cleared the Senate with only one supporting Republican vote. That means it is flawed, not bi-partisan, and most likely doesn’t accomplish the goals set in the title.

Linked below is an analysis of the latest pre-election grandstanding by the Senate and Tom Udall. The bill has no chance in the House of Representatives where a babies life and a mother’s health are actually important.

These bills are like the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere”.

This one, most obscenely, seeks to strike down state laws and local input about abortions and seeks to negate some gains on the abortion effort that large numbers of anti-abortion legislators and proponents have made in their communities.

If Oklahoma wants to have some say in the abortions performed in their state, why should California have a say about it? Oklahoma certainly can’t influence California in their liberal belief in pro-choice and anti-baby.

It is election time and pro choice politicians are circling the wagons, getting their base together, stoking up the old tried and true flames.

Just remember, that what Tom Udall says and what he does are two different animals.

Unconditional and unlimited abortions for all who think they need them are on his menu.

Far be it for anyone to hold up their hand and ask a lonely question – why are we really killing these babies? What kind of society are we anyway?

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