Would You Rather Have Paper or Gold?

 Posted:  October 13, 2014

The linked article below goes into detail about the manipulation of the gold market by the United States Federal Reserve, just another reason to can them. They aren’t supposed to be rigging markets but they have gotten so good at it over the last number of years that we have come to think they know what they are doing.

There is plenty going on in the world right now with currencies, the threatened U.S. Dollar, The BRIC countries starting a new world bank, the massive piling up of gold by Russia and China.

There has been more written about the escalating U.S. debt load that is causing foreign borrowers not to buy U.S. bonds and thereby causing the Federal Reserve to print money and loan it to themselves.

The U.S. stock market is a huge bubble just waiting for the slightest of pin pricks to start bleeding all over the country in red, white and blue.

So, while you think your money is safe in the bank and insured, the big boys of finance are getting out of the market, buying collectibles, gold, land, silver, commodities.

When the doors to the bank are closed, it will be too late to worry about insurance. When inflation causes your money to be worth 90% of worth it is today, you will hope you have a few gold coins around in the drawer.

You can’t eat gold but you can always find someone that thinks it is more valuable than small rectangles of paper with pretty colored pictures and numbers on them.

Full article here >>>.

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