Yes, Abortion Will be a 2014 Election Issue

 Posted:  May 26, 2014

A Detroit Doctor compares Detroit and its abortion rates to “a Third World Country.”

This article is sad on many levels. It is sad because Detroit was once a powerful American city with a huge manufacturing presence, a burgeoning middle class, and good city services. With the political induced abortion of American manufacturing by the political elites, Detroit is now bankrupt, just a has been. The city itself is in receivership and ruled by a Democratic machine for decades one can only wonder if this is the fate of other blue cities and blue states around the country?

This article is sad because, even if you are Pro Choice, knowing that a third of mothers in this city choose to abort their babies has to be disturbing. Roe v Wade didn’t create a split in the voting population. It just reflects that women and society relate to this event of abortion in profoundly different ways. Some women consider abortion a civil rights issue exclusively. Some women consider abortion an ethical religious issue exclusively. Protecting life is indeed important. Protecting civil rights is indeed important. The battle continues.

What seems obvious is that the U.S. is indeed different in 2014 than it was in 1950.

Abortion will be an issue because in an odd way, talking about abortion helps politicians not talk about all the other issues that they should. Talking about abortion keeps politicians from talking about the destruction of America’s economic security over the last fifty years. Talking about abortion protects politicians from talking about the increasing centralization of power in Washington D.C., a city that is also an odd mix of elites and poor people. Talking about abortion gives politicians a free pass on having to explain why States Rights are so important to our country.

This election cycle let’s ask Tom Udall to talk about why New Mexico is a poor state, why we need so much Federal money coming from other states to survive? Let’s ask Tom Udall why New Mexico has a huger number of folks on Medicaid? Let’s ask Tom Udall what he has done that is keeping our state from turning into another Detroit?

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