Yes Folks – Tom Udall Did Vote “Yes” For the Bailout

 Posted:  July 4, 2014

You won’t see it most places because the vote was in 2009 and has been buried and ignored, especially by Daily Kos, liberal blogs, and Tom Udall’s own corrupt self serving propaganda machine. On this blog, Open Left, Tom Udall, Jeff Merkley, Mark Udall are all excoriated for their votes on the bailout. Most people don’t realize that the bailout had two parts.

Tom and Mark Udall and Jeff Merkley, all up and coming progressives, widely denounced the bailout as having no safeguards, as not being something they could support. So, they voted against the first half of the bailout. However, when it became time to vote on the second half of the bailout, with Obama instead of Bush they changed their votes and their statements and their still were no protections for the public.

As the writer of this article states, “The Udalls are the worst stereotype of politicians, the kind of people who go populist when facing election and then go corporatist when comfortably insulated in Washington&npsd;… They are people who made airtight declarations against the bailout and then walked away when their vote counted …”

Even those on the left realize that Tom Udall is a liar. He will say anything, distort anything, mis-represent himself, and always sing a populist song while taking corporate money.

Full article here >>>.

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