Yes, Let’s Talk About Taxes!

 Posted:  June 9, 2014

This last tax season Americans spent 7 billion hours preparing taxes.

This last tax season 30% of what you make went to income taxes.

This last year, including many of the 97 different taxes/fees on the linked article below, you paid over 50 % of what you earned in taxes.

The tax code is 3.8 million words long.

The Form 1040 instruction book is 189 pages long.

There were 4,428 changes to the tax code in the last decade.

Tax Freedom Day is April 17th. You work for the man from January 1 to April 17th. Then you get to keep what you earn and see it whittled down by inflation.

The national debt keeps growing.

The Federal government spends what you give them and then borrow money, from themselves, and spend more.

A significant number of Americans do not pay income taxes because they don’t make enough. They not only get money back from the government, despite not paying taxes, but they also receive many social welfare benefits funded by other people’s labor.

After you read the 97 Taxes you might be charged each year, you realize that we are all working for the “man”. The man, of course, is Uncle Sam. The men behind Uncle Sam – that is another story.

Tom Udall has voted for all of these taxes. He is a big spender.

The question is: Do you want to keep working for his shopping habits?

Full article here >>>.

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